Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Aims and Scope (Part 2)

In a way, the delay between the two halves of this post serve to answer the question posed at the end of the first half: what is this blog for?

This medium allows me to 'follow through' on a number of the trains of thought that begin in my head each day. Previously, I might be able to finish the thought coherently in my own head, never write it down, and then lose the clarity of expression next time I considered the matter.

Using this blog, I have the opportunity to immortalise these ideas, at least in the state that they were upon writing. Returning to any given post months or years in the future, I might have a totally different idea on the subject and be able to provide an update, or it may jog my memory about the topic and serve a useful purpose.

The ability to save a post before it's fully published is also pretty useful in this regard. I may be writing, and be unsure of how to progress without going away and doing some reading (or coding...) and in this situation, I will have the incomplete manuscript to return to once I have increased my understanding of the subject.


- To provide a way for me to clarify my ideas relating to sport
- To analyse aspects of sporting performance and training using scientific methods


- Anything and everything relating to endurance sport

This is a particularly broad scope, but I will give some narrower topics:

- Training methods
- Data analysis
- Analysis of specific demands of various races
- Planning training
- Goal setting

As well as the more traditional set:

- Recovery
- Nutrition
- Supplementation
- Equipment
- Technique

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