Monday, January 21, 2013

Training Summary: Transition, Week 2

It seems like I have slipped behind with these summaries, so expect them to come thick and fast over the next couple of days. The second half of my transition was over the New Year, and due to very good weather conditions for the time of year I spent the vast majority of time on the roads doing some longer steady sessions. I put in a bit of intensity - the 4x1' session on Thursday to start boosting my anaerobic capacity, and the 6x3' on Sunday to start VO2 max work (which will be a major goal in the following 8 weeks)

I had a few bike problems with punctures and a tyre blowout, but got a lot of training in and was quite tired by the end!

GOAL: As with Transition Week 1, no pre-set goal.

Monday: 75' steady + rollouts   

Data: ave: 225 W (237 NP), hr 141, cad 91   

Notes: Indoors on turbo so HR a bit elevated. Last 30' of first hour around 250-260 W before 4 x rollouts @ 320-350 W

Tuesday: 3h easy/steady   

Data: 2h44m, 17.1 mph, hr 134, cad 85   

Notes: Puncture half way so rode home on very soft tire (slow!!), also moved saddle down 5mm and forward a bit (road bike)

Wednesday: 3h easy/steady   

Data: 3h15m, 17.9 mph, hr 136, cad 87   

Notes: Lack of puncture definitely made it faster! Headwind-ish for the majority of the way out, then tail for last 20 miles

Thursday: 2h inc 4x1' @ 170-200%   

Data: Pieces: 1: 562 W, 2: 527 W, 3: 518 W, 4: 548 W   

Notes: Done into headwind between Fencott & Murcott. Solid numbers but looking to hit 600 soon.

2h easy   

Data: 1h53m, 17.4 mph, hr 133, cad 86   

Notes: Recovery spin, felt sluggish to begin with.

Saturday: 2h steady   

Data: 1h49m, 17.1mph, hr 144, cad 83   

Notes: Solid steady ride then massive tyre blowout related adventure. Messed around on the turbo for 20 mins on the TT bike too

Sunday: 6x3' @ 115-120%   

Data: 1: 385 W, cad 96, 2: 382 W, cad 95, 3: 386 W, 89 rpm, 4: 384 W, 93 rpm, 5: 380 W, 91 rpm, 6: 392 W, 93 rpm   

Notes: Trying out head tuck position, seemed ok. Need to fix speed sensor to TT frame though! HR also playing up. Interval 4 felt best cadence wise.

Bike Totals: 15h16m, 810 TSS

Summary: Lots of good mileage in, but I definitely don't have the time to be doing this every week!

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