Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Prog F# Sneak Preview

It’s official! I’ve been given the opportunity to prsent a workshop at the upcoming Progressive F# Tutorials. This is a fantastic event and something which seems almost unique to F# as a language — I’ve certainly not heard of the like in the C# world!

It’s taking place on 5th-6th December at the excellent CodeNode facility of Skills Matter. As well as being a super-cool place, it has the added bonus of being just around the corner from my office.

To get you in the mood (early bird tickets are still available!) I thought I’d give you a sneak peek into the event by answering a few questions that the hosts have put to me:

I am excited to joining Prog F# where I will be sharing my thoughts on…

FinTech in F#!

This is an area that I work with every day at Redington, where we’re trying to make 100 million people financially secure, and I think it has the potential to improve people’s lives — if applied properly!

The problem in a nutshell?

Most of us aren’t saving enough for our future.

This isn’t something that’s going to go away - we’re living longer and many of us are underestimating how much money we need for a comfortable retirement.

How can we help solve this problem?

By harnessing the power of F# to deliver clear and easy-to-understand advice and recommendations that takes you on a journey from confused to confident.

Over the last couple of years, robo-advisors have emerged as a platform for automating this advice as one part of the Fintech revolution.

If you come along to my workshop, you’ll get to build a fully functioning web-based robo advisor that will tell you if you’re on track to hit your savings goals, and give you recommendations if you aren’t quite there yet.

The best thing about being part of the F# community is…

The sheer number of incredibly useful open-source projects that people dedicate their free time to. You’ll see them used in any F# talk or workshop, whoever the speaker, and I plan to be no exception!

Ones that spring to mind are Ionide, Paket, Fake and Suave. Each one solves a real problem that F~ developers have and hugely improved the experience of F# devs, new and old!

At Progressive F# Tutorials, I most look forward to learning about…

How F# can be used for Web development. I’ll admit to having used the language primarily for back-end work - domain modelling, business logic, financial calculations, etc.

What I’d love to get out of the upcoming tutorials tutorials is a bit more understanding of how to get F# playing nicely with the internet — I’m told it’s the future, after all.

My talk will be enjoyed by…

Anyone who wants to see the power and flexibility of F# as a language.

Ever wondered how to really model your domain as it is in real-life? I’ll show you how, using F#’s algebraic data types.

Still wrangling with csv files to get your data into your app and creating fiddly charts? F# can help by way of a type provider and a brilliant charting library.

Unsure how to get your content onto the web without using a big heavy framework? Enter Suave and WebSharper!

I think the most anticipated/exciting development for the F# community over the next 12 months will be…

The evolution of the community-driven projects that I mentioned previously, into the ‘dominant’ tool or framework in their area. I think they are tantalisingly close to replacing the out-of-the-box tools that you get form something like Visual Studio, and am looking forward to the day that they do so!


I’m pretty excited about giving this workshop — I get to show off the power of F#, and use it to build something that I think could really help people!

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